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Yiddish Silver Screen

Released on December 8, 2023, Yiddish Silver Screen / zilberner kino / זילבערנער קינאָ celebrates the band's silver anniversary.

Immediately upon its release and two weeks in a row, ASCAP New Music Fridays Spotlights Yiddish Silver Screen — three tracks! Farlangen and Unter Beymer during Hanukkah, followed by a third, Abi Gezunt (ASCAP playlist #17) the week of Dec. 15-21.

Go to our Yiddish Silver Screen page to find out more about the album and listen to the music.

Isle of Klezbos' album cover art for Line From Brooklyn

Live from Brooklyn

Recorded in concert in 2013 at Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts, with the addition of two bonus studio numbers, and released in April 2014, the album is available at iTunes, goldenrod music, Bandcamp, Amazon, shops (in NYC, Museum of Jewish Heritage, Tenement Museum, Academy Records & CDs, and Downtown Music Gallery) and all band shows.

“A robustly recorded romp that perfectly captures the sumptuous sound of the ensemble.” — HEEB Magazine

“Brilliant, Intense, Eclectic…intoxicating mix of a hundred years worth of classic and original klezmer, Latin, jazz and film music” — New York Music Daily

“Lively and melodic jazz and tango-laced pieces” —The Jewish Week

“These ladies are damned good musicians, period.” —Edge New York City

And as New York Music Daily also notes: “the album comes with fascinating liner notes that trace the origins of these tunes along with how the band was able to track them down: it’s as rich in history as it is in emotion, energy and tunefulness.”

Our digital download at Bandcamp includes the liner notes bundled in PDF form.

album cover art for Greetings from the Isle of Klezbos'

Greetings From the Isle of Klezbos

Our first album, Greetings From the Isle of Klezbos is available for purchase at our Bandcamp page, goldenrod music, and our music is available on iTunes, as well as at actual stores including the Tenement Museum Shop at 103 Orchard Street in NYC.

Sibling band Metropolitan Klezmer, founded by drummer / bandleader Eve Sicular in 1994, shares a number of musicians with Isle of Klezbos. Traveling Show, a live concert recording, is augmented with an Isle of Klezbos studio Klezbonus track: our Yinglish / boogaloo interpretation of the standard Comes Love. Visit Metropolitan Klezmer’s website.

“The playing is sprightly, with a lot of astute ensemble interplay. Simply put, this is a band with no weak links.” — George Robinson, Jewish Week

“The powerhouse all-female klezmer sextet combines folk, swing, tango, trance and dance with traditional Yiddish music… Isle of Klezbos (one of the best band names in town!) are six oft-fetching klezmer ladies whose instruments include flugelhorn and accordion and whose recent Brooklyn-recorded album draws on meringues and Brazilian acoustica as well as 1916 Rumanian horras and Ukrainian songs ‘suitable for dancing with a bottle on one's head.’” — Voice Choices Pick, Village Voice

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